Legal Services

There are many other areas of law not detailed here in which the firm is involved or provides services. They are numerous and include issues and processes of a more common though less specific nature than those described.

Many inquiries by clients do not cleanly fit in to any category of law, or involve several aspects of law which are dealt with at the same time or as part of the same file or matter for which the lawyer is retained. Legal issues related to farming practice and real estate law might include the need for farming contracts, leases, services agreements, or equipment purchases and rentals.

There are times when disputes involving land and fencing rights, water courses and control become issues to be resolved. There are growing demands for services relating to immigration issues, employment, and human resources matters, insurance claims, and matters determined as criminal conduct and behavior which require services of varying degrees and extent.

Riou Law Office in Unity, Saskatchewan strives to provide the assistance, advice, direction, and services required by each client’s unique needs, whether directly or through referrals to specialists in designated fields when such is determined as necessary. The ultimate goal is to insure that each client’s individual legal needs are met in as personal, professional, competent, and understanding way and in which the client’s integrity is maintained.