Criminal Law Basics

Agriculture Law

We have experience with agriculture law as well, which is available for those who owned farms and other large plots of land. Land sales and purchases, leases, capital financing and various aspects of farm land ownership and farming business, including equipment leases are all elements of the services provided by the Firm.

Civil Litigation

Services provided include representation in Saskatchewan’s Provincial Court, Civil Division, and in the court of Queen’s Bench. Litigation services are restricted to matters within the capacities of a small office, with more complex and involved cases being referred to firms specializing in that type of work. The goal is always to provide the client with the best possible representation for the cost incurred. Appeals of a complex nature are referred to firms specializing in appellate practice.

Municipal Law

The firm provides general counsel services to rural and urban municipalities as well as legal services to those persons and individuals with conflicts and issues with matters of taxation, land use, and development, zoning, bylaws, and bylaw enforcement are some of the many issues in respect of which services are provided.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Whether you are the director of a multi-national corporation or a small business entrepreneur preparing to launch a new business invention or organization, you are sure to find the Riou Law Office well-rehearsed to proficiently represent your ambitions. Our services include assessment and evaluation of the client’s business requirements and the form of structure best meeting those business needs; all aspects of the formation of partnership, sole proprietorship, and corporate organizations, as well as ongoing support in the areas of commercial contracts, banking, and human resources services. In addition, assistance is provided in the documenting and securing of finances and financial transactions, as well as the pursuit of claims and the handling of disputes of a corporate or commercial nature.

Criminal Law Basics

Whether you have a traffic ticket, or you are charged under the Criminal Code, we represent clients in all levels of Court in Saskatchewan.

Child Protection and Family Services

In this most important area of law, full services are offered to agencies involved in the provision of services regulated by The Child and Family Services Act. That includes all services of a legal nature involving the securing of the well-being of children who are in need of protection, which includes the conduct of court hearings to determine the best manner available of protecting a child’s best interests as they related to having a proper, caring, and supportive home. Services are also provided to parents who have encountered problems as a result of which their children have been or are in the process of being placed in the care of others.

Immigration Law

If you require assistance with immigration law, procedures, and forms, Riou Law Office in unity is here to help. Assistance can be provided in determining immigration standards and requirements as well as procedures to be followed in gaining initial entry into Canada, and following that to obtain full citizenship. Assistance is also provided those involved in disputes or negotiations with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Family Law

This area of law has become one of the most active with more people seeking assistance with issues arising from the establishment of married or unmarried spousal relationships, their breakdown and the financial, physical, social, and emotional well-being of parents and children. The firm is well suited to the provision of services in the more basic and more straightforward cases in this area of law. Given the ever-growing rules governing all areas of family law, in the case of long and complex court cases, clients are urged to seek lawyers from larger firms specializing in the field.

Real Estate

At Riou Law Office (Unity, Saskatchewan), we provide all services required to arrange for the purchase or sale, and the financing of real estate purchases by mortgages or other forms of security are handled. The firm has extensive experience in this area and contacts in neighboring provinces which make interprovincial transactions seamless and effortless.

Wills and Estates

Riou Law Office (Unity, Saskatchewan) is specialized in the preparation of Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, and the legal services to executors, administrators, and personal representatives in the handling and management of estates. Contact our office today for proper guidance in this important area of Canadian law.